The Best Kept Secrets of Using Polyphenols

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Polyphenols are considered to be the type of chemicals which are occurring naturally through plants. There are a large variety of unique polyphenols which are available and the chemicals made using these phenols are commonly known as poly chemicals.

There are tons of benefits as well as secrets of using polyphenols which may be related to their role as antioxidants. These antioxidants are usually known for their ability to reduce cell damage. There are various best-kept secrets of using polyphenols, which include:

Heart diseases:

According to a recent survey, taking a good amount of cocoa will help to reduce the blood pressure in the human body. As, cocoa helps to reduce the free radicals in the human body, which leads to decrease the heart diseases and other illness. There are also some supplements like Purtier, which have polyphenols which helps to increase the antioxidant activity which is very beneficial for your heart.



According to a recent investigation on the creatures which took a gander at the impact of green tea polyphenols on the proportions of inflammation which is caused after exercise.

This was investigated on rats and the one who got the tea polyphenols could keep up their action for longer than the other rodents who did not get the polyphenols. They likewise had a lower amount of chemicals which flagged irritation and muscle harm in their blood.

Lignans are a type of polyphenols which can be easily available in huge amounts in the olive oil, and whole grain rye flour, flaxseed, and many more. As with the higher levels of lignans in urine helps to reduce the inflammation. Thus, it is very beneficial as reduce heart diseases and the chances to get cancer.


Consumption of Polyphenol will definitely play a vital role in controlling body weight.

According to a recent study, the consumption of flavonoids (which is said to be a class of polyphenols), with a weight list and waist outline. Specialists have found that higher flavonoid consumption was related to lower BMI and waist size.

Thus, these outcomes are critical on the grounds that heftiness is related to the larger risk for some ceaseless infections.


Thus, polyphenols appear to offer many promising health benefits, thus make sure to keep to consume these supplements in proper doses and lead a healthy lifestyle.